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A-1 Block is dedicated to providing contractors, architects and engineers with a level of competence that meets the demands of complex construction projects.

Our technical services team consists of career professionals with experience working among national organizations in the construction industry.  We’ve been instrumental in the success of significant projects covering all major industrial sectors.  This knowledge and expertise allows A-1 block to engage completely and partner effectively on any major construction project.  Give us a call today to discuss your project needs.


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If you can imagine it, it can likely be produced. This is our attitude toward our products, which essentially provides for unlimited variations of our masonry, precast/prestress and ready-mix products.

Our Technical Services department is superbly versed in product design and mixture proportioning to develop the product(s) you need. We operate an accredited laboratory to assist with the development of our products.

Whatever your needs are, A-1 can assist with delivering products that meet and exceed your requirements.  Because concrete elements are constructed on site, raw materials, components and ready-mix products must be of a high quality and consistent properties.

Specifying performance parameters will insure you get the result you need. We have the decades of experience and knowledge to provide products which can meet those special or difficult situations.

Time is of the essence and we know that when you’re ready to start, you don’t need delays from your suppliers.  Our submittal process is local, which allows for immediate turnaround. Our Technical Services department works with our sales staff on a daily basis to ensure your submittals are delivered to you faster than other suppliers.

Not only do we expedite your submittal, but we also have the experience to know what you will need in your submittal so “revise & resubmit” stamps are eliminated. Because we provide a wide variety of products from regular to architectural masonry units, precast/prestress lintels, bag goods and ready-mix products, we have the expertise to understand what technical, safety, LEED or users guides to provide for a complete submittal.

Quality encompasses consistency, performance and value. Quality Control is a critical component of any manufacturing facility. However, excellent quality cannot happen without equally robust Quality Assurance.

We start with selecting the best raw materials available and maintaining production facilities within industry standards. Throughout this process, raw materials are tested and plants & trucks are inspected for compliance.  This is Quality Assurance.

Once products are manufactured, continuous monitoring & testing ensures the customer receives the exact product specified. Sometimes, adjustments to a process is warranted and without such tunings, quality will suffer. This is Quality Control.

Because the Florida DOT is a formidable specifier of concrete products, their standards have become a bar by which A-1 uses as a check on our systems. The FDOT influence necessitates how we operate:

    • Raw materials approved by the FDOT
    • Laboratory inspected and accredited per FDOT
    • Production plants inspected and certified by the FDOT
    • Delivery trucks inspected and certified by the FDOT


Editable CPG Master Specifications Guide


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