A1 Block offers bagged Portland cement, bagged hydrated lime, masonry sand and bagged pre-blended mortar.

Masonry sand is available by the cubic yard in bulk or 1cy bulk bags.

Mortar Selection

Mortar is specified one of two ways. The designer can specify it by proportion or by property. If the method is not spelled out in the specification, proportion is selected by default. The two types of mortar mixes that are commonly specified are portland cement-lime or masonry cement. Masonry cement contains portland cement and some form of plasticizer. Both are code compliant, but the selection is often driven by the structural engineer.

Mortar Types

Mortar is divided into 4 types (M, S, N, O) but only types M, S and N are recognized by the code.

Mortar can be mixed using individual components or pre-blended, in the bag with masonry sand added. Pre-blended mortars, bagged in a controlled environment by weight and volume, assure code compliance and greater consistency than field prepared mixes.


Steel Masonry Accessories

Structural masonry assemblies are selected by designers for some of masonry’s inherent qualities like compressive strength, durability, and overall robust performance. Steel accessories are an important component of structural masonry design because they compensate for masonry’s weaker points.


Steel rebar accepts flexural loads. Masonry grout is placed surrounding the steel to transfer flexural loads from the masonry to the steel. When selecting steel re-bar for masonry be sure to check not only the re-bar size but also the specified grade.

Horizontal Joint Reinforcement

Horizontal joint reinforcement is place in the mortar joints (specifically the bed joints) of reinforced masonry to help control dry shrinkage cracks. Ladder reinforcement is preferred over truss to eliminate conflicts with the vertical rebar placement (see “Less is More” LINK). Specified reinforcement may be mill galvanized or hot dipped galvanized so, again, check the project specifications for correct size and finish.

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