Bring charisma and style to your design with our distinct textures and colors.

Throughout our 65 years in business, we’ve carefully expanded our production capacity and operations in order to offer the widest variety of architectural CMU options to architects and engineers.  With state-of-the-art machinery and innovative processes, we’re able to customize CMUs to include integral color, design aesthetics, exterior finishes, and specialized functionalities that bring lasting appeal and performance to your project.  Limitless possibilities make us an easy choice and a go-to partner for all your concrete solutions.  Give us a call today to discuss your project needs.



Our concrete masonry units are available with the below textures to bring character and appeal to your design.


Rugged, expressive


Smooth, refined


Gleaming, luxurious


Iterative. distinct


Texture can be incorporated into more than one face of a block in order to suit the full range of applications in your wall system.  Here are some examples of product variations that include multi-face texture.

Textures are available for all conventional-sized blocks as well as most of our unique shapes and sizes. To determine if a texture is available for a specific block product, contact our sales team.  Alternatively, you may locate the product in our Standard CMU catalog and review its details for any exclusions.



Our concrete masonry units are available in the below standard colors.

We can also customize the color of our products – including matching our products to a physical color sample that you provide. Contact our sales team to discuss color options.

















IMPORTANT: The color representations above are for general reference only and should not be used as an exact color match due to variances in the way color is reproduced digitally across media and devices.  For an exact color sample, please contact our sales team and we will gladly send you a sample set. 


Spec-Brik® offers the beauty of brick at a fraction of the cost.

Spec-Brik® provides an attractive, cost-effective and convenient masonry option that is typically 20-30% less expensive than comparable systems.  This concrete wall system is manufactured to job specifications and delivered quickly, making it ideal for projects requiring fast track construction. It’s available in 12 standard colors, or alternatively, custom colors can be produced to your specifications. 

Spec-Brik® is also available in a variety of insulation options, including Hi-R for double exposed walls.  It can also include Water Control Technology™ (“WCT”) built-in for superior resistance to moisture penetration.  WCT is an innovative new masonry unit design that diverts water downward into the wall’s drainage system. 

Available Sizes

6″d x 4″h x 16″w

8″d x 4″h x 16″w

10″d x 4″h x 16″w

12″d x 4″h x 16″w


Learn more about Spec-Brik® with the following resources:

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Standard Colors

Flint Blend


Basalt Blend


Chesapeake Blend

Panama City Blend

Houston Blend


Jefferson City Blend

Stanton Blend


St Cloud Blend


Philadelphia Blend

Delaware Blend


Dion Blend


Gardner Blend


Specialized Block

Enhance your block with built-in functional properties using advanced technology.

Water Control Technology™ (WCT) preserves the performance of concrete block while adding superior resistance to moisture penetration.  By incorporating subtle changes to the top surfaces of each WCT block, water is discouraged from crossing to the interior face shell and is instead redirected to the wall’s drainage zones.  This innovation allows moisture protection without compromising strength or aesthetics.

WCT block is fully compliant with ASTM C90.  No special installation techniques are required. WCT units are suitable for corners and ends for a complete system and all units have integral water repellent in their mix design.

Learn more about WCT at the Concrete Products Group website.

Spec-Thermal™ pre-insulated concrete masonry units add superior thermal performance to your wall system.  These units come with precision insulation inserts that interlock to minimize thermal bridging and create a barrier to heat transfer.  This innovation is a cost-effective way to achieve Energy Code compliance with double exposed masonry surfaces.

Learn more about Spec-Thermal at the Concrete Products Group website.


A two web, pre-insulated masonry unit that is suitable for partially or fully grouted walls.

HI-R® Half High

Similar to HI-R but with a 4” x 16” face dimensions.


A single web pre-insulated masonry unit that is suitable for fully grouted walls.

HI-R-H™ Half-High

Similar to HI-R-H but with a 4” x 16” face dimension.