Innovative, renowned wall systems that secure and beautify your landscape design.

Your segmental retaining wall (SRW) needs are met at A-1 Block.  We’re partnered and licensed to produce three leading SRW systems, meaning you have a diversity of options for installation, performance and style.  Each system has unique properties that are suitable to particular project types.  They all provide the strength and sustainability needed for long-lasting soil retention.  Give us a call today to discuss your project needs.

Hover or click on the images below to discover the SRW systems we produce. 

Trinity is an efficient, economical solution for retaining wall block. A popular feature of this system is the lack of required pins and clips, which brings ease to the block’s installation. Also, the ability to easily knock off the side pieces allows for easy adjustment.  Trinity’s tactical design and efficient installation make it an excellent choice.  

You can learn more about Trinity SRW from the Earth Products website.

We manufacture VERTI-BLOCK retaining wall block. Unique in size, shape, and flexibility of use, Verti-Block is an ideal solution for residential and commercial projects alike. Verti-Block units are hollow, and they interlock with a unique male-and-female design. You’ll get unmatched strength with more flexibility for landscape applications.

You can learn more about Verti-Block from the Verti-Block website.

We manufacture the original, standard VERSA-LOK retaining wall block. Its solid construction and unique pinning system provide an endless array of design options, including, curves, corners, stairs, columns, and freestanding walls. VERSA-LOK systems are fast and easy to install and provide a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free performance.

You can learn more about Verti-Block from the Versa-Lok website.